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Keep2Share is yet another Filehoster website which can be categorized among the top Filehosters and Multihosters. It allows the users to upload and download files without hindrances, ads, and unwarranted clicks. One click is all it takes to upload and download a file.

Back in the old days, sharing a large file was a dreadful task. Sending it over the internet took forever, and users had to copy the files to a storage device and send that to the recipients. With the advent of old technologies and the advancement in the modern technological solutions, Keep2Share offers a cloud based method of transferring files.

With the help of Keep2Share, all you have to do is to drag and drop a huge file on to the web page, and it will immediately upload it on the cloud. Once the file is in the cloud, just share the link with the users, and they will be able to download it from anywhere in the world. It also lets you download unlimited files anytime in the world. Here’s the main home page interface:

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What Are the Different Account Types Offered by Keep2Share?

Keep2Share offers three different types of accounts. Every account brings its own perks and cons to the table. The three major account types are;

  • Keep2Share Free
  • Keep2Share Premium
  • Keep2Share Premium Pro

What Are the Pros of a Keep2Share Premium Account?

If you are not an avid user of downloading and uploading functionalities, then maybe you should stick to the regular Keep2Share free account. However, if you worship the downloading and uploading capabilities of the website, and you intend to use them on a daily basis, then you should purchase a Keep2Share Premium Account. Let’s discuss some of the perks of Keep2Share Premium:

High Download Speed:

With a basic free account, your maximum download speed will be somewhere around 50KB/s. On the other hand, if you opt for Keep2Share Premium, your downloading speed will get a boost up to 300mb/s. This speed will hold even if the servers are busy and the traffic is at its peak. Your connection will be given high priority. There is no wait time or queue time for premium users.

Resume Function for Downloads/Uploads:

Even the modern era doesn’t ensure a constant connectivity with the internet. There will be times when you will be disconnected from the internet, and everything will seem dark. If you were in the middle of downloading or uploading something, the Keep2Share premium account will let you resume from that point instead of starting from the scratch. This is a huge time saver for huge files.

Premium Upload/Download Options:

With a Keep2Share premium account, your upload size will be 2GB, whereas free accounts only get 500Mb upload per day. Likewise, you can download unlimited files per day up to 20 GB, whereas a free account can only download up to 1 GB per day. Furthermore, you can download parallel files in sync, whereas a free user can only download one file at a time.

File History:

You might be away for a while, but the Keep2Share premium account will keep you file safe up to 180 days. You can download it quickly to your laptop before it is removed. It keeps a track of your downloads for up to 180 days, so you can revisit some old downloads. With a free account, it will only save your files up to a month.

To give you a visual perspective of the perks, the following table might help.

Account TypeFree UserPremium UserPremium Pro User
Download Speed50 kb/sUnlimitedUnlimited
File Size Limit1 GB5 GB10 GB
Download Restrictions1 GB20 GB per day50 GB per day
Parallel Downloads1UnlimitedUnlimited
Start ImmediatelyNoYesYes
Direct DownloadNoYesYes
Download ManagerNoYesYes
Download Wait Time30 SecondsNoNo

Yes, there is a premium pro offer. It is almost the same as Keep2Share Premium. The only difference is the file size limit and the download restriction.


What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

Like every major Filehoster website, Keep2Share also offers a wide variety of payment methods.Some of the payment methods are listed below;

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Webmoney
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Coupons
  • Vouchers
  • Resellers

You can create a simple account, and later on choose your preferred payment method. You can upgrade to Keep2Share premium account or Keep2Share premium pro.All the transactions are verified by VISA and other major financial institutions. Your transactions are 100% safe, secure and fast.

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Why Should You Choose Keep2Share?

A lot of Filehosters offer the same range of functionalities, but Keep2Share stands out among the rest. Here’s a list for you to consider before choosing a favorite Filehoster;

100% Safety:

Everything you upload will be kept secure. Your profile information and your browsing activities will neither be stored nor shared with any third part hosts. You can browse, upload and download whatever you want while being anonymous.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

You can upload and download files from any platform. Whether you own a PC or a MAC, you can download and upload without any unnecessary obstacles. It works on a wide range of available operating systems and platforms.

Ultra Sonic Speed:

Well, when you are downloading or uploading files from the internet, your main concern is the speed. Keep2Share offers high speed and unlimited downloading speed. It doesn’t matter if the load on the server is experiencing peak values, your downloading speed will not waver from what has been promised to you.

Simple User Interface:

No one wants a complex user interface when it comes to file sharing.Keep2Share provides a simple user interface. One click or drag and drop is all it takes to upload, download and access all the core features of the website.

Extensive Integration:

Keep2Share is among a handful of Filehosters which allow third party integration for browsers and download accelerators. It allows the users to use any download accelerator to upgrade the downloading speed. Most websites do not allow third party applications. Even if they do allow it, they will limit the number of applications to their associates. With Keep2Share premium account, you can use whichever download accelerator you wish to.

No Waiting Time:

If you wish to download something, your account might be kept in a virtual queue before you can access the file. Keep2Share believes in parallel users’ interface. This means there is no wait time for downloading multiple files at once.

How Is the File Management Interface?

Free of Hassle. That would be the precise and the most accurate answer. Users want to drag, drop and forget about their files. If you want to delete a file, all you should have to do is select and delete the file. If you want to manage and organize your files, all you should have to do is create a new folder, and drag and drop the files there. Well, that is how Keep2Share works. One click is all it will take to delete, manage and organize your files, history and downloading files.


Once you have uploaded a file, you can either make it public or private. If it is public, then everyone with an account will be able to access it. If the file is private, then you can generate links and share them with the recipients, and only they will be able to download and view it.

How Can You Earn Money from Keep2Share?

Yes, you can earn money with the help of the affiliate and associate programs. Just go to the bottom of the website, click on earn money, and you will be taken to a new page, which will ask you some basic questions. After that, you can promote the website on your own website, or you can earn money as your files become more effective and popular.

partner is the partner, and they allow the users to earn more money as their files become more popular. Also, the users get paid for hosting content on their personal websites and accounts. Simple and easy steps will help you earn money while sitting at home.

What Are the Different Packages for the Users?

Keep2Share offers two different kind of premium options. You can either purchase a simple premium account or a premium Pro account. Let’s take a look;

PackagePremium ProPremium
Yearly$11.75 / month$9.50 / month
Quarterly$17.32 / month$13.98 / month
Monthly$21.95 / month$16.95 / month
Trial$8.95 / 3 days$6.95 / 3 days

Keep2Share Sharing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Keep2Share offer a free account?

Yes, the software allows free usage however the features will be limited. This is a good start to try out the service. And if you ever enjoyed the service, you can always upgrade to premium to maximize the usage of features.

Is it true that I can earn in Keep2Share?

Totally, yes! Keep2Share has an affiliate program where you can earn great cash from referring them to your friends, families, and other interested people.

Do they offer flexible payment options?

Keep2Share has enabled user to pay through major payment methods to ensure everyone can access premium accounts.

Does premium account that worth it?

Well, yes, absolutely! As long as the premium account matches you need for huge file storage and highspeed downloads, it will be your friend in your work and personal files.

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What Do We Have to Say?

The cloud computing technology is on the rise, and hundreds of Filehosters promise the world to you. Keep2Share is the one who keeps their promises. Whether you have a free account, a Keep2Share premiumaccount, or a Keep2Share premium pro account, whatever has been promised to you, will be delivered.

If you are not satisfied with the service, one click and you will get a refund for your money. So, if you are interested in regular uploading and downloading options, and you are looking for the best service and Filehoster out there, keep2Share is definitely worth a try. It is among the best Filehosters available right now.

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